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Hi, Thanks for stopping by

I am Jeppe Kilberg

I work with people design and innovation

I love to make things happen

problem solver

maker of things

tech, teach and games enthusiast

15+ years of leadership experience in digital product management, strategy, design and innovation.
Throughout my career I have been leading cross-disciplinary and international teams - I work to break down the silos.
From Copenhagen, Denmark I have helped local and international companies to develop new solutions, apps and games for millions of users across platforms: Mobile, PC, XR/AR & web + flow and web TV.
I have been teaching design, UX and games at university level, and while I learned something too, I also hope it made me a better person.

You can vist my LinkedIn page for more details.
Please, feel free to connect and reach out if you need my help on something.

I currently work at ITU on a really cool project about technology education.

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consultant, IT, leadership, mangement, strategy, agile, scrum, design, UX, design thinking, critical thinking, innovation. - cvr: 32684378 - phone: +45 30 25 63 00