Hi, nice of you to drop by. I'm Jeppe Kilberg - consultant and owner of Kilberg Media, and I can help your company to level up.

Kilberg Media offers consultancy in product strategy and execution, design and management related tasks, and in analyzing products to optimize the user experience and monetization.

I come with over 10 years of experience in the games industry and participated in the development of a range of games and products from companies such as Kiloo, MovieStarPlanet, Hugo Games and more (see full list below, or visit my LinkedIn profile).

I've helped companies grow with skills ranging in product strategy and execution, whilst working with dedication to optimize user experiences and in-game monetization and performance. I have a keen eye for design, processes and communication and work closely with clients to solve their challenges.

Please contact me for more information.
I look forward to speaking with you.

Phone: +45 30 25 63 00

Clients and Employments:
Program manager for Hugo Games initiating new products and optimization through data analysis and UX Managing director for new Kiloo office in Copenhagen with product and design responsibility Producer and manager for the tween social site in its growth phase Strategic developer and manager for mobile development Producer and in charge of games production and development Consultant in education Consultant and fund raiser for a puzzle game Biz dev consultant for a startup company Consultant for the development of a mobile game app Consultant and project manager with several stakeholders Console game producer and developer producer for a strategic PC game concept editor and photographer for local TV station consultant in business development consultant and concept developer for fund raising for a new games project

LinkedIn group, Nordic Game Industry:
Nordic game industry group including design and UX

Kilberg Media /v Jeppe Kilberg Møller, Sundholmsvej 31, 2.mf, 2300 Copenhagen S, DENMARK. CVR 32684378